What are the benefits of Karate?

Sensei Jason Romer
Sensei Jason Romer trains in the USA
May 3, 2015
Seishinjuku Dojo Brisbane Choosing a Karate class in Brisbane
Choosing a Karate class in Brisbane
May 5, 2015

What are the benefits of Karate?

Seishinjuku Dojo Brisbane Karate as a discipline

Life is fast paced. How often have you heard yourself asking ‘Where did the day go?’ or ‘What happened to the weekend?’ It seems our lives are built around digesting and disseminating as much as we can in terms of the human experience and moving on to the next consequential event.

So where does Karate a traditional and time consuming pastime fit into all of this? I guess it seems at odds with the rapidity of life we all live, but I would suggest its greatest asset is its ability to ground us, to narrow our focus and attention. The physical aspects have been well documented and generally accepted but to see detail, to fine tune, to gain a greater understanding through experience and exploration these are the real benefits.

Karate is a multi tiered experience which offers something for everyone. Whether it’s for someone looking to get back into shape and searching for an activity beyond mindless repetitions at a gym, or a returning practitioner looking for a different experience of the art. The options are endless. Karate is for all regardless of their level of fitness, coordination, or physical disposition.

Shorinjiryu Karate offers a traditional Japanese Martial Art in the city of Brisbane, where all students are treated with respect for their unique individual journeys. This is reflected in our Dojo Kun.

Spiritual development of individuality in mind and body.