Sensei Jason Romer

Sensei Jason Romer has been training in Shorinjiryu Karatedo for close to 20 years. He started his initial training in the late 1980’s as part of the Australian Shorinjyru Karatedo Association. The Seishinjuku Dojo was officially opened in 2010, in the Brisbane suburb of Bardon and is the Australian representative for the Shorinjiryu Kenyukai Watanabe Ha Federation. Jason is currently ranked Godan – 5th Dan Black Belt.

During this time he has competed at a Regional, State, National and International level. He is an accredited coach, and has many years’ experience mentoring and coaching sportspeople of all ages and abilities.

  • This dojo is a place where humility, honour integrity and other old world values such as personal development and discipline are developed and encouraged.
  • Seishinjuku Karate Dojo is a great place to learn and practice an authentic martial art.
  • I thoroughly enjoy training under the guidance of Sensei Jason and would recommend karate to anyone looking to improve their fitness/agility, knowledge of martial arts/self defence, and self respect/confidence.

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