Choosing a Karate class in Brisbane

Seishinjuku Dojo Brisbane Karate as a discipline
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May 4, 2015
Karate as a discipline
May 7, 2015

Choosing a Karate class in Brisbane

Seishinjuku Dojo Brisbane Choosing a Karate class in Brisbane

What to look for when choosing a Karate class

Choosing a Karate class to begin your training can be a confusing and at time expensive exercise. A plethora of styles, techniques, philosophies abound. This can sometimes make a positive and affirming  lifestyle choice a tiresome and confusing dilemma.

To assist here are some tips to consider when choosing a club and below each point are the answers you’ll find at the Seishinjuku Dojo.

Most importantly – What are you looking to get out of it?

People train for different reasons. Some just want to get fitter and stronger, others are looking for discipline, others go misty eyed at the chance to become a Karate Blackbelt, and for some they are looking at a path or a way of life with Karate training as a heuristic aspect of this. You need to be clear in your head exactly what you would like to get out of your training both short term and long term and discuss this with any instructor you meet up with.

Is the instructor qualified?

Sensei Jason Romer is the head instructor of the Seishinjuku Dojo and is currently ranked as a Nidan in the Shorinjiryu Kenyukai Watanabe Ha Federation. With in excess of 15 years experience he has competed at a State, National and International level as an athlete. As an instructor he has been teaching for more than five years, and has held coaching qualifications in a variety of disciplines. He is also a qualified first aid responder.

Who grades the students and are those grades recognised outside the club?

All of the gradings within the Seishinjuku Dojo are conducted by the Instructor Jason Romer. These gradings are ratified by the Honbu or Head Dojo in Baltimore America where they are recorded and of course recognised by the Federation.

What happens if you have an accident?

All instructors at the Seishinjuku Dojo are certified in delivering first aid. This is a minimum requirement for all of our Instructors.

Will you be insured when training?

Absolutely. The Dojo is covered by all necessary state and federal insurance requirements.

Is the Instructor prepared to let me view or participate in a free training session to see if it’s something I want to continue?

Definitely. You probably wouldn’t buy the first car you ever saw and the Martial Arts experience should be the same. At the Seishinjuku Dojo we offer a free introductory class to help you get a feel for the environment, the Instructor and just as importantly the students in the class.

Which association does the club belong to?

The Seishinjuku Dojo is a member of the Shorinjiryu Kenyukai Watanabe Ha Federation with its central of Honbu Dojo located in Baltimore Maryland USA. The Dojo is also a member of the Shorinjiryu Shinzen Kyokai an umbrella orgainsation based in New York.

Do I have to pay anything up front?

No. As mentioned we offer a free class to all beginners. We understand that choosing a Karate club is similar in some respects to joining a gym – there are a number of mitigating circumstances. We will not pressure anyone into joining,

Are parents allowed to watch their children train?

Yes. We encourage parents/guardians to be present during the kid’s classes.

Should I sign up somewhere according to price?

This is up to you of course. In our experience paying more money does not necessarily equate to higher quality training or instruction. Joining a class because there are literally hundreds of students on the mat is not always a good thing either. As a beginner you would like to think you will receive some dedicated instruction and personal treatment.