Adults Karate Classes

Karate training for adults is available to all, male and female from 17 to 70 years of age. At the Seishinjuku Dojo we run small but dedicated classes for people looking for an authentic, traditional karate experience. We treat you as a student as opposed to an income stream or a punching bag. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, a new source of health and fitness, or just looking to make friends in a safe but hardworking dojo environment that will test and challenge you, we invite you to come in and try us.

For those looking to compete, we are regularly invited to tournaments all over South East Queensland and beyond, including the Annual Shinzen Kyokai, an international tournament based in New York for the Shorinjiryu Karatedo family worldwide.

Broadly speaking our training consists of the following:

  • KIHON WAZA: Basic techniques of our Style.
  • KATA: Kata is a formal exercise done by one person. It is practiced to develop knowledge, form and style. It aims to achieve maximum efficiency in each motion as well as beauty. Kata is judged by each individual technique as well as how well the motions are integrated to compose the entire exercise.
  • TANSHIKI KUMITE: Single step techniques. Kumite is prearranged fighting form executed by two or more persons. It is practiced to develop technique, endurance, Karate form and a sense of judgment and timing. This type of kumite is unique to Shorinjiryu Watanabe-Ha Karate-Do.
    FUKUSHIKI KUMITE: Multiple step techniques.
  • SHIAI: Full Contact fighting practice. Shiai (sparring) is a Karate contest in which Karate participants wear specially designed protection (bogu) so that blows may be delivered with full force without the serious risk of injury. In Shiai, any technique, including throws may be used. The contest is ended when a substantial strike is delivered to a key body point or target area.
  • GOSHIN JUTSU WAZA: Self Defense techniques. Goshin Jutsu Waza is self-defense techniques consisting of punching, striking, blocking, kicking, throwing, holding, joint locking, grappling and choking techniques.
  • BUKI HO: Traditional Weapons practice. Buki-ho is a formal exercise done by one person, or prearranged fighting forms executed by two or more persons incorporating traditional weapons. Weapons such as the Bo (6 foot staff), Sai (3 pronged fork or harpoon), and Jo (4 foot staff) are practiced. This enhances the student’s reflexes, timing, and extension of the empty hand techniques.

Some of the health benefits of regular Karate training are:

Broadly speaking they sit under the following categories

  • Obesity – Burn those calories! Increase your metabolic rate and get stronger. Reduce your risk of obesity
  • Exercising the heart – exercises and drills completed in class will get the heart pumping! Remember it’s a muscle!
  • Flexibility, speed and balance – the combination of exercises and drills conducted in class will assist in improving your functional strength
  • Endurance – Karate increases your aerobic cardiovascular endurance, so your muscles will build more endurance
  • Strength – Karate will help you to increase your muscle strength while also improving your musculoskeletal health

The benefits in terms of personal wellbeing, emotional and mental improvement are much more difficult to measure, but ask anyone who’s trained for a period of time and they’ll certainly account for long lasting benfits!

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  • This dojo is a place where humility, honour integrity and other old world values such as personal development and discipline are developed and encouraged.
  • Seishinjuku Karate Dojo is a great place to learn and practice an authentic martial art.
  • I thoroughly enjoy training under the guidance of Sensei Jason and would recommend karate to anyone looking to improve their fitness/agility, knowledge of martial arts/self defence, and self respect/confidence.

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