New Facebook page for Seishinjuku!

Seishinjuku Karate Dojo Brisbane - Blitz Australasian Martial Arts Magazine Article
Blitz Magazine feature article – Kaicho Watanabe
May 29, 2015
Seishinjuku Dojo Brisbane Junior Grading
Seishinjuku Junior Grading
September 16, 2015

New Facebook page for Seishinjuku!

Sesihinjuku Dojo - Facebook page launch

We are pleased to announce the Seishinjuku Karate Dojo has officially launched its own Facebook page! This will be a fantastic place to share photos, stories and inspirations for all students of the Dojo, their friends and family.

Please feel free to ‘like’ the page and if you see something you like fell free to share it on your own Facebook page.

The link for the page is included below.