Karate as a discipline

Seishinjuku Dojo Brisbane Choosing a Karate class in Brisbane
Choosing a Karate class in Brisbane
May 5, 2015
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Seishinjuku Dojo Grading
May 20, 2015

Karate as a discipline


The advantages of Karate are: Karate increases hand eye coordination and body reflexes. It enhances the ability to concentrate and focus. Thus it can help students and adults in all areas and aspects of their life. Karate is an excellent form of exercise which can not only help reduce and maintain a healthy weight but also increase flexibility, fitness and general wellbeing. Karate increases the positive attitude towards life and those around you as well as the confidence of the practitioner. The modern work life balance can create a lot of stress which can deteriorate our physical and mental well being. Karate gives you an outlet to overcome this stress and convert it into positive energy.

Realizing the tremendous life improving capability of Karate, more and more people are increasingly taking it up as a hobby and lifetime practice.

To help the prospective students make an informed decision the first lesson at the Seishinjuku Shorinjiryu Karate Dojo is free.